RV On The Run is a Website and YouTube channel about combining our love for travel and adventure with our photography business and taking our photography business on the road.

We are going from the normal everyday life, living in a brick and mortar home with 9 to 5 jobs, to full-time RV living. We want to share our photography, adventures, experiences and our life with others who may be thinking of getting away from the norm to do the same or to people who may not be able to do the same as we are.

No matter your age or who you are, we want to provide a way for you to step away for a few minutes at a time from your everyday life and be absorbed into beautiful images, adventures and experiences from around the US.

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Who We Are

We are just your normal everyday fun loving married couple who have worked in the service industry and corporate world for quite some time. Sonja worked for a restaurant for over 7 years working her way up to being a GM and I worked 2 jobs. One being in the corporate world as a computer support technician and network administrator for 11 years and the other as a DJ for a night club for 13 years. Then in 2009, we started a photography business while maintaining our current jobs. Unfortunately there was just not enough time in the day for family, work and our new photography business.

A couple years later, Sonja stepped away from her restaurant job and acquired a full-time day job with real working hours so she could be home more often and be able to spend time with the kids. At the end of 2014, I stepped away from my full-time corporate job so I had more time to build our photography business.

Life seemed to be on track, but there was still something missing. That turned out to be me not being home at night on weekends and some days during the week. So in 2016, I left my job as a DJ to spend more time at home and pursue our photography business full-time. Now everything is on track and we are loving life. So here is where the adventures begin…